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Stepping out into your greatness…

Stepping out into our greatness is truly allowing the divine within us to be expressed through us.  When we support others in stepping into their greatness, we are actually creating another channel for the divine to manifest its transformative power in the world.

To bring the freedom of expression and the power of entrepreneurship to someone is to open the gates of the kingdom.

Please share the divine right of freedom worldwide and support entrepreneurs dreams:

Brian Stark


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Freedom – Do We Take It For Granted?

Every 4th of July I always think of our founding fathers and the steps they took to ensure our freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when they signed the Declaration of Independence.  Why is it I primarily think of freedom only on the patriotic holidays (i.e. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.)  Have I shut down and become numb to our inherent birthright to be free?  What does being and living free really mean?  I have the ability to freely choose my thoughts, words, deeds and actions.  Freedom actually begins with a thought and that thought can lead to more life for all.

What if I change my focus to gratefully acknowledge all of my amazing freedoms (freedom of thought, etc.) on a daily basis?  What one focuses on expands.  When I appreciate, acknowledge, and take action on freedom thoughts, I am expanding and bringing change into my world.  And when I change, the whole world changes.  I invite you to begin to explore your thoughts on freedom – may they bring you peace, expansion, and joy.
Dianne Dougherty


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Imagine… A World That Works

Have you ever noticed that most of our struggle in life is against ourselves?  Against our own thoughts and feelings that cause us to take actions that don’t really make us happy?

When we were born into life, anything is possible.  For each one of us.  And then life happens.  Our very well-intentioned family, and society, teaches us to follow the “rules” that they believe to be the best for us to survive and get ahead in life.  Only, very rarely will their rules be in line with our intuitive Truth – in other words who we really are on the inside, our original view of life.  So we learn to make our own view wrong, that little knowing voice inside of us, and we learn to play it safe, to avoid risk, and especially to avoid the risk of potentially looking foolish.  And then we teach that to our children!

I invite you to step into the world of Freedom by Example.

What would it be like if all children were raised in households in which they were encouraged to be fully themselves, without fear?  What if, even if their parents really didn’t understand them, they could honor them as intuitive beings with an inner knowing of how life works for them?  What if there were no “right” or “wrong” personality, behaviors, or career paths dictated to us?  Imagine the freedom for future generations!

How do we get there?  By example.  It starts with a world of parents who are living full out as who they truly are –not who they think they should be, or some tidied up, censored version of themselves – and parents following their dreams, both giving and taking care of themselves, and setting that example for future generations.

Our community, Freedom by Example, is doing this in two ways:

1)   We promise to personally live full out, and put our True Self out there in life and in business – even when this means taking big risks – including risking who we have known ourselves to be, regularly, to become more of who we truly are.  We also give others permission to do the same.

2)   We support budding entrepreneurs in developing countries through microloans ( which allow them to live full out, provide for their families, and teach them how to do the same.

I invite you to join our movement by taking on one of the above commitments as well – or both!  Never doubt that a group of committed citizens can change the world!

Darla LeDoux


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An Introduction

We are a group of 7 like-minded consciously aware world healers on a mission.  Our group mission is to make a impact on the world; not just any impact, but a serious impact in a serious way.

We’ve shared our lives’ purposes and collectively come up with a way in which we believe we can make an impact on the world at large.

You know how many people get to a certain age and realize that they want so much more in life, that they feel like they’ve somehow taken a wrong turn … or that they never even started out on the right road?

Well, a lot of this starts in childhood … through no fault of our parents, grandparents, teachers, community, etc.  They could only teach their children what they had learned from their teachers and from their own experiences.  But most of us were not taught that we can BE, DO, and HAVE what we want in life.

What is the impact we’ve just started on?

We’re contributing to helping people in developing nations embark on entrepreneurship … a way in which they, truly, will take responsibility for leading their children into FREEDOM.  Entrepreneurship is one of the very few ways for us to truly enjoy FREEDOM and to be in control of our own destiny, whereby WE make conscious decisions on a minute-by-minute basis as to which path we take.

By leading and providing for their families, through entrepreneurship, these budding entrepreneurs will also be teaching their children that there are NO LIMITS … that one can truly live the life of their heart’s desires.  These children will be taught the way to FREEDOM by the example of their parents’ entrepreneurship … to which we, the Freedom-by-Example group, have contributed.

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