We are a group of 7 like-minded consciously aware entrepreneurs and world healers on a mission.

Our group mission is to make a huge impact on the level of FREEDOM in the world in a serious way.

Our purpose is to promote Freedom by Example, via supporting entrepreneurship and freedom of thought and expression worldwide.


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  1. Several years ago I talked a lot about “responsibility.” Just 7 years ago I found a resumé I had had created as I was leaving my career to “figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up” (at the age of 38) and saw that my Mission was written as “Help people learn to take responsibility for themselves … and to leave that of others for them.” The cool thing was that I was seeing this resumé, during this perging exercise, after having embarked on entrepreneurship as a Professional Coach.

    To me, coaching does just that: Helps people learn to take responsibility for themselves. And the sad thing about how many busy themselves with other people’s affairs is that they’re actually robbing those others of their own learning experiences and their own personal growth.

    7 years later I’m enjoying a flourishing coaching practice helping more and more people enjoy life a whole lot more than they ever have before … some, even more than when in childhood.

    Just last week, in fact (April 22nd/23rd, 2010), in a training session with my clients in a year-long business strategies training & coaching program, one client said: “Ahhhh, it’s all about responsibility.” I smiled and said: “So you know my personal mission statement, I see.” (above)

    This week finds me participating again in a 3-day conference with my mentor and 40 other consciously aware people … wanting more out of life.

    As I get clearer on my personal Mission Statement, that about which I’m passionate … MY LIFE’S PURPOSE … I see that it’s actually even deeper than that.

    You see, too many children are raised to believe in a whole series of warped VALUES. The people I know (and most in any of these groups I participate in regularly none of whom I ever met before) are raised with a lack and limitation mentality. And we carry that with us like our security blanket throughout our lifetimes.


    I want this to stop! And to stop RIGHT HERE!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

    I guess you can see … this is what I’m passionate about. This is what fires me up! This is what really pisses me off.

    We are born without limitations. We are born with every opportunity for FREEDOM … and then we’re taught from the get-go that we are not free. We’re taught how we have to conform to society’s rules and standards, and know our place … and we NEVER forget.


    We 7 in this group were given an assignment. To complete the assignment we shared our Life’s Purposes (our hearts’ desires), pooled our ideas and decided that we, the FREEDOM BY EXAMPLE team, are going to make a huge, lasting impact in the world by contributing to single-mother entrepreneurs in developing countries.

    I know that this will contribute to the mothers being able to take responsibility for providing better care to their children. I also know that these mothers will be teaching their children and others in their community … by example … that these children, too, can take responsibility for themselves. And these children’s children, and the children in the community and their children, will all learn that they have the freedom to do whatever their hearts desire. By example, these single-mother entrepreneurs we help will be teaching these children that they have the freedom to take risks, and the support to continue to grow and take more risks.

    If you feel drawn to contribute to these single-Mom entrepreneurs, along with us, we would all be so appreciative. Check it out:

    I just made a fairly small donation, completing the requested loan amount for 2 people and contributing towards the loan requested for another person. WHAT A GREAT FEELING!!!!

    Join me, won’t you?

    What’s freedom to you?


  2. Diane Johnston

    Wow! Lynne I feel your passion 🙂 Well done for taking inspiring action and changing lives!

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