An Introduction

We are a group of 7 like-minded consciously aware world healers on a mission.  Our group mission is to make a impact on the world; not just any impact, but a serious impact in a serious way.

We’ve shared our lives’ purposes and collectively come up with a way in which we believe we can make an impact on the world at large.

You know how many people get to a certain age and realize that they want so much more in life, that they feel like they’ve somehow taken a wrong turn … or that they never even started out on the right road?

Well, a lot of this starts in childhood … through no fault of our parents, grandparents, teachers, community, etc.  They could only teach their children what they had learned from their teachers and from their own experiences.  But most of us were not taught that we can BE, DO, and HAVE what we want in life.

What is the impact we’ve just started on?

We’re contributing to helping people in developing nations embark on entrepreneurship … a way in which they, truly, will take responsibility for leading their children into FREEDOM.  Entrepreneurship is one of the very few ways for us to truly enjoy FREEDOM and to be in control of our own destiny, whereby WE make conscious decisions on a minute-by-minute basis as to which path we take.

By leading and providing for their families, through entrepreneurship, these budding entrepreneurs will also be teaching their children that there are NO LIMITS … that one can truly live the life of their heart’s desires.  These children will be taught the way to FREEDOM by the example of their parents’ entrepreneurship … to which we, the Freedom-by-Example group, have contributed.


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  1. Your purpose and spirit are amazing. And you look just great in the photo! I can feel your energy from that picture from thousands of miles away. Glad to support you and to be involved.

    All the best,

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